Our team of consultants and advisors comprises individuals who are Algerian, American, Austrian, Belgian, British, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, and Spanish.


Our team of consultants and advisors has a wide variety of professional experience: many have worked in the European Commission or European Parliament, at both technical level and Cabinet level. Some of our consultants have also worked in national administrations.


When we think we cannot help, we refer potential clients to consultancies with more relevant expertise. We never shy away from telling a client that his or her objective may be difficult to achieve, or that their preferred method isn’t the best one.


by Denis MacShane, former Minister for Europe of the UK

Does return of EU growth weaken case for Brexit?

One of the more powerful arguments advanced in Britain by Eurosceptics – from hardline Brexit ideologues to polite rationalists who disliked many aspects of European integration – was that the European Union had a dreadful economic tale to tell this century, writes...
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Gefakte Brexit-Gründe

Macrons Reform der EU-Entsenderichtlinie klaut EU-Gegnern die Munition, meint Denis MacShane. Frankreichs Präsident Emmanuel Macron hat ein wichtiges Wahlversprechen erfüllt. Es ist ihm gelungen, die sogenannte Entsenderichtlinie der EU zu reformieren. Diese...
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Britain Becomes Greece as Brexit Chaos Invades Politics and the Economy

Has Britain saved Europe? in 1940, Britain stood alone against Hitlerism and defended core European values of democracy, freedom and tolerance. In 2017, Britain is again  saving Europe by showing the folly of leaving the European Union, and breaking it asunder into...
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Brexit bluff called as Europe yawns at UK playpen politics

Paris: From the point of view of anywhere on the continent, there is now just a widening yawn about Brexit. “If you want to go, go and get on with going” is what politicians and policy-makers or opinion formers now say. Brexit may be of the utmost centrality for a...
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May Goes to Brussels As She and Corbyn Change Line to Support Staying in EU

So now we know that the main party leaders in Britain would vote to stay in the EU if there was a second referendum – hence the growing attacks on the government from those in the Brexit camp, writes Denis MacShane. As UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, cancels her...
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