Our team of consultants and advisors comprises individuals who are Algerian, American, Austrian, Belgian, British, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, and Spanish.


Our team of consultants and advisors has a wide variety of professional experience: many have worked in the European Commission or European Parliament, at both technical level and Cabinet level. Some of our consultants have also worked in national administrations.


When we think we cannot help, we refer potential clients to consultancies with more relevant expertise. We never shy away from telling a client that his or her objective may be difficult to achieve, or that their preferred method isn’t the best one.


Latest articles from our team, as published in EU press

Denis MacShane on Brexit: Brexit turns into a constitutional crisis in Britain

Divisions across the UK’s political institutions are turning Brexit into a major domestic constitutional crisis, writes Denis MacShane. https://www.euractiv.com/section/uk-europe/opinion/brexit-turns-into-a-constitutional-crisis-in-britain/ Denis MacShane is the UK’s...
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Brexit menaces all of Europe including Switzerland, warns former British Minister Denis MacShane

In a talk in Bern on Monday 30 April, the UK’s former Minister of Europe, Dr Denis MacShane, will warn that the Brexit saga is only just beginning and will cause harm to all of Europe, including Switzerland as well as the UK. Dr MacShane will say: “It is now nearly...
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Denis MacShane en POINT DE VUE. Brexit : adieu, l’Europe

Point de vue de Denis MacShane, ancien ministre britannique des Affaires européennes. Il a écrit trois livres sur le Brexit et est consultant auprès des entreprises et des gouvernements sur les questions du Brexit. Guillaume le Conquérant envahit l’Angleterre en 1066....
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From Here to Brexiternity: The Crisis in British Politics

British politics early in March has been a tale of four prime ministers: two former ones, the present holder of the office, and one who would like to take over. Never in British history has there been such discordance between the past, present, and possibly future...
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Playing the Orange Brexit Card

It is difficult to know when the Irish question was first asked. 1169 when the Normans arrived? Cromwell’s massacre at Drogheda in 1649 which by modern definitions was a war crime? The Battle of the Boyne which confirmed the right of freedom of movement for a European...
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