We bring together a team of consultants who are specialised in their fields and offer expert advice.


Our consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds and professional experiences. We have American, British, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Israeli, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, and Spanish, plus advisors from Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Congo, Lebanon, and Russia.


All partners and several in-house consultants have either worked in the EU Institutions or at EFTA, in a variety of units and some at cabinet-level. Some of our consultants have worked in national administrations, too.


When we think we cannot help, we refer potential clients to consultancies with more relevant expertise. We do this on a routine basis with requests about, for example, food issues or regional policy. We also pride ourselves in having built trusted relations with most important law firms active in Brussels.


Edited by Denis MacShane

Why May’s Brexit Team Should Talk to Christopher Booker

by Denis MacShane It is axiomatic in the Brexit debate that those worried about amputating the UK from Europe have very little traction with devout Brexit believers. But again and again on Sunday morning arises a voice from the very heartland of anti-European...
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Marine Le Pen is not the Donald Trump of France – if anything, she has more in common with Hillary Clinton

She is no longer the new kid on the presidential block. That title belongs to Emmanuel Macron. Either he, or a new candidate for the centre-right to replace Fillon, will go into the second round with Marine and then win the presidency by Denis MacShane It was an...
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Theresa May Can’t Count On Donald Trump to Save Britain

Fortune, 31 January 2017 http://fortune.com/2017/01/31/theresa-may-donald-trump-brexit/ By Denis MacShane Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump met in Washington recently, proclaiming they would trade “more than ever” once Britain had left the...
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Torturous UK Departure

Draft Treaty Must be Ready by end-2018 OMFIF, 26 January 2017 By Denis MacShane The UK’s goals for the impending Article 50 negotiations with the European Union have become more clear as Theresa May, the British prime minister, has outlined her Brexit wish list. But...
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Breaking EU up will take time to do: Brexit will go on for years

City A.M., 25 January 2017 By Denis MacShane As expected, the Supreme Court has told the Prime Minister that she needs to get the authority of Parliament before moving forward to remove the rights of EU citizenship from the British people in line with the referendum...
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May throws down gauntlet to European leaders

Mrs May now risks several years of tough talks with Europe stretching well into the 2020s 17 January 2017 By Denis MacShane Watching Mrs May from a hotel room in the capital city of a small European nation not in the EU has been a surreal experience. Her insistence...
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Why Marine Le Pen won’t win

POLITICO, 30th November 2016 By Jacques Lafitte and Denis MacShane In France, the protest vote is less attractive now that the Americans and Brits have already pulled the trigger. The British and American press are full of alarm and excitement. After the triumph of...
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Is the uncompromising stance of the other EU leaders pushing the UK towards a hard Brexit?

CityAM, 28th November 2016 By Rachel Cunlife and Denis MacShane in London Rachel Cunliffe, deputy editor of Reaction, says Yes. First the European President decided to lecture Britain that it was “hard Brexit” or “no Brexit". Then the Prime Minister of Malta (that...
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UK should drop obsession with “managed migration”

IN Facts, 10th November 2016 By Denis MacShane in London One of the great dangers between now and the end of Article 50 negotiations, just before the European Parliament elections in May 2019, is that the UK unilaterally indulges in ill-thought-out schemes to impose...
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Book Review: The Euro And Its Threat to The Future Of Europe | Currency conundrum

Written By: Denis MacShane Tribunemagazine: October 25, 2016 The Euro And Its Threat to The Future Of Europe by Joseph Stiglitz Allen Lane £20 The Euro is the one EU project on which the left and right appear to agree. The nationalist right hate the Euro because it is...
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