Our team of consultants and advisors comprises individuals who are Algerian, American, Austrian, Belgian, British, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, and Spanish.


Our team of consultants and advisors has a wide variety of professional experience: many have worked in the European Commission or European Parliament, at both technical level and Cabinet level. Some of our consultants have also worked in national administrations.


When we think we cannot help, we refer potential clients to consultancies with more relevant expertise. We never shy away from telling a client that his or her objective may be difficult to achieve, or that their preferred method isn’t the best one.


by Denis MacShane, former Minister for Europe of the UK

Macron Echoes De Gaulle as He Tells UK That There’s No Single Market Access Without Following its Rules

“Be my guest.”  With these chilling words President Emmanuel Macron has spelt out as brutally as General De Gaulle did in 1963 that the UK either lives under the common laws of Europe or the UK goes its own separate way with no more automatic access for the 80 per...
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Is Brexit to blame for Carillion?

Carillion is one of the worst disasters to hit British business in years. Unlike bank collapses, this involves hundreds of sub-contracting firms who have hired workers from Carillion who could now face bankruptcy and winter redundancy. It is clear that government...
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Will “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” become “Oh dear, Jeremy Corbyn?”

Theresa May is on the ropes over Brexit. From her election disaster last June to the ridiculed reshuffle this week, the prime minister must feel as if Brexit is a curse which nothing will lift. On the old political maxim that the best time to kick an opponent is when...
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Haverá acordo comercial entre Mercosul e União Europeia?

"Não sou a favor de se apressar antes do final do ano a conclusão de negociações comerciais para as quais o mandato foi dado em 1999”.  
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2018: the year British politics has to wake up

Like Sleeping Beauty, British politics has been in a deep slumber since June 23rd, 2016. Will 2018 by the year the UK wakes up? The decision of 37% of the electorate to vote to leave Europe has cast a spell on UK democracy. What no one foresaw was the way Brexit would...
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