Established in 2007, Avisa Partners is an EU-focused public affairs consultancy that brings together about 30 consultants from 40 nationalities.

Our team is made up of a core team and senior freelance advisors who are committed to providing clients with professional assistance in their public affairs work.


We focus on areas in which we have expertise, and when we believe we cannot help, we refer potential clients to consultancies with more relevant expertise.

We also refuse potential clients when we feel we are not best-placed to serve them, for example, when it is too late in the EU process to be effective.

We never shy away from telling a client that his or her objective is difficult to achieve, or that their preferred method may not be the best one.

We believe in being honest with our clients, instead of telling them what we think they want to hear.


As consultants we add value to your company’s activities by working closely with your company’s legal and political objectives. We work with our client’s legal and public affairs teams, and with their legal and economic advisors.

Because we are perceived as an independent third-party, we can also by providing services and intelligence that are beyond your company’s reach.

Thanks to our network of contacts and access to key decision-makers, we can gather high-level intelligence and influence the process behind the scenes. and also because we are perceived as an independent third-party,

Avisa Partners enjoys trusted relationships with key officials of the European Commission at both technical and management levels, and with Cabinets and other Commission decision makers.

Avisa Partners also has close relationships with:

  • the European External Action Service;
  • staff at the Council;
  • key Permanent Representations of the Member States to the European Union;
  • key Members of the European Parliament;
  • a large number of EU-based journalists;
  • and many think tanks and NGOs.

This enables us to make meetings happen to ensure that key messages are swiftly and effectively conveyed. Avisa Partners’ goal is to advise on the best means to smooth the path of procedure, build and maintain good relationships with the EU Institutions, restrict any negative impact on corporate reputation, and get the results our clients hope for.

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