The European Commission is at the forefront of regulation and enforcement of rules affecting commerce worldwide. Its actions impact your business environment.

EU policies cover all aspects of the economy, including: energy, environment, transport, infrastructures, finance, health and safety, intellectual property, and data protection.

Avisa has the know-how and experience to design a successful strategy that will help you raise your profile, protect your investment, and nurture your innovation.

Our senior team has many decades of accumulated experience working on EU regulation, some even from inside the EU Institutions.

We will help you convey an effective message and shape expectations to provide you advantage in contexts where science, politics, and emotions often get mixed.


It is Avisa Partners’ policy to inform clients of any potential conflict risk as soon as we detect one, whether it be of a technical or a political nature. This policy applies to both new and existing clients.

Avisa Partners is registered on the Joint European Transparency Register of the European Commission and the European Parliament since 7 July 2009 under n° 542 108 41652 13.

Avisa Partners is a member of the European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association (EPACA) and abides by its Code of Conduct. We are also one of the few EU public affairs consultancies registered on the Business Service Providers web section of the US Mission to the EU.

In addition, Avisa Partners is an active member of the British Chamber of Commerce of Belgium (BCCB) and of the Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP), and is a member of its Board.

In 2014, Avisa Partners was selected as a representative of law firms and consultancies on the board of Cercle des Délégués Permanents Français (CDPF).

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