The EU is a global transport hub and the world’s logistics leader. By connecting people and markets, transport sustains economic growth and employment in the EU. The objective of the Commission is to promote mobility that is efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, while creating the conditions for a competitive industry. Furthermore, the issues and challenges connected to transport require action at EU or even international level.

The EU believes that EU citizens should enjoy more efficient transport networks and be able to switch easily between different modes of transport. The adoption of proposals by the Commission in areas like rail, airports, air traffic management, and ports leads to new opportunities and supports a more competitive infrastructure.

Avisa Partners has strong expertise and networks in aviation and maritime transport and understands the wide range of pressing policy issues that affect the transport industry in Europe today.

Avisa Partners assists companies or associations on a wide range of policy and regulatory issues ranging from aviation agreements with third countries to the revision of regulations, such as Regulation 868, which provides trade defence measures against unfair subsidies for third-country airlines. We currently work for one of the world’s largest aerospace companies, and we have worked for a Civil Aviation Authority on EU external aviation policy, as well as a number of international airlines.

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