Avisa is ideally placed to assist clients in answering a large number of Brexit-related questions.

We started to believe that the UK might leave the EU way back in 2012, at a time when most people believed that Brexit was a “silly” prospect. However, we began to warn our friends and clients that the referendum would happen and might result in a “leave” victory, and were thus able to advise them so that they could prepare themselves and their companies for what the EU-UK relationship might look like “post-Brexit.”

We were able to provide such warnings due to our familiarity with the UK’s politics and its relationship with the EU, thanks in large part to having Denis MacShane, Minister for Europe during Tony Blair’s government, as a Senior Advisor. In fact, Denis coined the term Brexit several years ago and had a book published in 2014 with a prescient title: Brexit: how Britain will leave Europe. 

We have worked for several clients already on Brexit, either directly or indirectly. By way of example, we have worked for several years for the Principality of Monaco, assisting in its negotiations with the EU of an Association Agreement similar to the one that the UK will soon need to negotiate after its departure negotiation under Article 50 TFEU. As a result, we have an insider perspective on negotiations.

We have also worked for another blue-book client on Brexit, providing them with guidance and advice on how their particular Brexit issues are perceived by political leaders in some of the EU’s capitals. In addition:

  • We are in regular contact with the EFTA bodies and its members, in particular Iceland.
  • We also have an extensive network of contacts up to the highest level in the European Institutions, including at the European External Action Service (EEAS), the Directorate-General for Banking and Finance (DG FISMA), and the other key Directorate-Generals of the European Commission. Moreover, three of our consultants know Mr. Barnier personally.
  • We have privileged contacts at all levels of British politics, in the relevant UK Institutions (Treasury, BoE, FCA), the European Banking Authority, and across the City of London (banks, infrastructure, buy side, law firms, and consultancies).
  • We also have privileged contacts across political groups in Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, and in Brussels (i.e., as the capital of Belgium), and the majority of the remaining EU capitals.

Finally, we have competent partners in Rome, Madrid, Warsaw, Amsterdam, The Hague, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Bern, Oslo, and Reykjavik. Furthermore, our partner JWI in Washington, DC, is best-placed to provide intelligence on whether and how the present US administration may attempt to influence UK-EU negotiations.

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