To achieve goals in Brussels requires targeted messaging, different from traditional PR and lobbying techniques used in national capitals.

The EU is rapidly changing.  Uncertainty fuses with opportunity. Understanding how to communicate clients’ needs in a way that compels EU policymakers to take them into consideration is vital.

Many organizations are fluent in ‘Brusselspeak’ and ‘Eurobabble’ but each decision-maker comes from a particular political and media culture so Avisa Partners begins by analysing who makes the decisions and how to create tailor-made communication strategies in a carefully targeted fashion to be technical or political, using language that fits the culture and outlook of key officials.

Too many lobbying campaigns use the same language and arguments in the same publications for every campaign, whether it be targeted at the European Commission, the Council, or even the European Parliament. Avisa Partners has a good record of drafting and placing articles in different media outlets or Institutions. But we also work closely with clients to get tightly-focused messages into the inboxes and into the heads of key officials and those who advise them.  Sometimes this can be better done in a key national capital.

Avisa Partners recommends avoiding sector-specific and professional jargon that ends with the delete button being pressed or the waste bin filled. We never use more than three strong arguments. Avisa Partners avoids wordy documents. With a multi-lingual, multicultural staff, Avisa Partners never forgets that there are 24 official languages in the EU. The assumption that all MEPs speak English or that all officials have a mastery of English is a category error in post-enlargment EU work.

100 press conferences and media events take place every day in Brussels. They are useful, but Avisa Partners prefers to work intimately with smaller groups of targeted journalists to communicate clients’ needs.

Avisa Partners’ experience in professional media (FT, The Economist, BBC, Le Monde, Welt, etc.) helps shape the expectations of our clients, once we’ve completed a full assessment of what they would like to achieve.

The best communicator can be the CEO or Chair of a company, NGO, or Government minister or diplomat who can make a case to a committee, a seminar organised by Avisa Partners, or directly on the EU audiovisual, written, and social media networks.

Avisa Partners’ advice, preparation, and coaching can optimise media outcomes. Communications and Media Outreach Communication is at the heart of effective business. Clear, timely information for stakeholders and the media is as important as ever, as the EU undergoes a period of great change, with uncertainty as well as opportunity.

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