The objective of the Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe is to reboot the EU economy and to help EU citizens and businesses to get the most out of digital technologies. Several key actions have been identified by the Commission such as the creation of a true digital Single Market and the review of the EU Copyright Framework. The Digital Agenda also involves cross-cutting issues, e.g. cyber-security, privacy, and consumer rights.

As part of its Digital Single Market Strategy, the Commission has set out proposals to modernise the EU’s copyright framework to make it relevant for the online availability of material protected by copyright and related rights, with a view to ensuring that this framework is fit for purpose in the digital age. The principle of territoriality of copyright could be at stake. Fair remuneration for creators or artists is not contested, but some voices are asking for more flexibility. Rights holders, on the other hand, are concerned that weakening their rights would compromise future investment in innovation and creation. The questions of fundamental liberties and cultural diversity are key factors in this reform process.

Avisa Partners advises clients, ranging from large SMEs to multinationals, on various issues that concern the intersection between IPR,  telecom policy, and the Digital Agenda. At times, there is a competition element, an area where we are also specialists.

Avisa Partners has advised a company active in film and video technology on important developments at EU level concerning ICT and the Digital Agenda. Moreover, Avisa Partners has worked for a major European company, which provides and operates telecommunications networks, television and video systems, on competition and regulatory issues related to standard essential patents.

Avisa Partners has served artists and their collecting societies in the music, film and entertainment sectors. It has hence acquired extensive expertise to guide creative industries in their adaptation to the digital economy and forthcoming regulatory changes.

Avisa has advised owners of other copyrights, such as databases and publishing industries.

Past work also includes high-level Commission antitrust, anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations in the high-tech sector. Finally, Avisa Partners has also worked on collective rights management for an association active in the area of collecting payments of artists’ rights.

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